Indian Peaks Hospital Wins Pet Insurance Contest

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BOISE, ID- August 11, 2011— Pets Best Insurance is proud to congratulate the winner of its quarterly “My Vet’s the Best Contest.” This quarter, Boulder, Colorado based Indian Peaks Veterinary Hospital has been selected as the best veterinary practice after receiving an outstanding nomination from client Fay Windsor.

For their winning nomination, the veterinary hospital will receive $500 from Pets Best Insurance to help cover the cost of treatment for stray animals or for pets whose owners can’t afford treatment.

Fay, who owns four dogs, nominated Indian Peaks Veterinary Hospital for their exceptional level of care when all of her dogs became critically ill with canine influenza and pneumonia. When Fay noticed one of her dogs was listless and vomiting one Sunday afternoon, she frantically searched for a vet who was open as her regular vet was closed on weekends. Fay called Indian Peaks Veterinary Hospital in a panic, and even though she was not a regular client, she was told to come right in.  After X-rays showed possible pneumonia, her dog was immediately sent to Alpenglow Emergency Care Hospital for overnight care.

Not only did the veterinarian staff care for Fay’s pet, they also stayed up most of the night. The next morning, another of Fay’s dogs, who happens to be deaf, began vomiting. Fay, who does not drive and was home alone, again called Indian Peaks in a panic. The receptionist was so concerned that she offered to leave and drive from Boulder to Longmont to pick up the dog. The staff made special accommodations to make sure this dog was also comfortable during treatment, even asking what signs Fay used to communicate with her deaf dog.

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The next night, Fay’s third and fourth dogs started showing symptoms of the virus. Canine Influenza is highly contagious and very serious. Fay was warned that all of her dogs might die, but assured that the vet would not give up. Even though the vets had been up all night treating the other dogs, they made time for Fay’s questions and concerns.

Fay Windsor remembered her experience with Indian Peaks Veterinary Hospital, and had only the best things to say: “It was a horrendous time,” she explained, “We were so worried about our dogs but they made it as easy for us as they could. A few days later the dogs started responding to the medication… My dogs had made it!” The dogs continued their medications once home, with the vets checking in on them daily. Indian Peaks even offered to deliver medication refills to her home, or pick up her dogs if they required further care.

Fay believes that Indian Peaks is more than worthy of the prize and the title of the “Best Vet.” She continued, “I am really delighted that Pets Best chose Indian Peaks to win this award. I know they will use the award to help other deserving animals whose owners are not as fortunate. Without Indian Peaks my four dogs would not be here today.”

The vet hospital was elated by their nomination. “Indian Peaks Veterinary Hospital is honored to be nominated by Fay Windsor for this recognition,” said a representative from Indian Peaks, “ We are pleased that, with the partnership of AlpenGlow Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center, there was a positive outcome for the Windsor family.”

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 Those interested in making a nomination for the My Vet’s The Best contest should send a story telling Pets Best Insurance why your vet is the best, along with any related photos and/or video to In the e-mail, please include your full name, your pet’s name, your vet’s full name and/or clinic name along with their address. For the official rules, please visit: It is not necessary to be a policyholder to submit a nomination.

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