How to throw a dog birthday party

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Sookie and Roxy, two dogs that are pet insurance enthusiasts, celebrate their birthday.

By: Chryssa Rich
For Pets Best Insurance

Even though I work in the pet insurance industry, on occasion, I still forget one of my pet’s birthdays. And boy, do I feel guilty about it! Not that they know any different, but it makes me happy to show up after work with a new bed or special treat.

If you want a sure-fire way to remember your pet’s birthday, plan a birthday party! Pet parties have grown in popularity over the years, so you won’t get nearly as many funny looks today as you would have in the 80s.

Let’s be honest – parties are for the dogs. Inviting cats will only result in the fur flying, so this pet insurance blog goes over the basics of throwing a doggie birthday party.

Step 1: Make the guest list
This is one time you definitely want an A-list of guests. Invite only pooches you know to be good with other dogs and strangers. And consider the time of year. If you have a large yard for a July party, invite the neighborhood. If you have a small living room for a December party, trim the guest list to a best bud or two. And unless you want to dogsit and poop-scoop by yourself all afternoon, make sure the pet parents know they’re invited (expected) to stay for the fun.

Step 2: Safety counts
Doggy-proof all areas of your home. Don’t leave shoes, food or other temptations around, and make sure your fenced yard doesn’t have any loose or missing boards. Close doors to off-limit rooms, and if you have young children, make other arrangements for them during the party. Even if they’re used to being around dogs, not all dogs will know how to play with small children.

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Step 3: Prep for playtime
Dogs don’t need much help playing! Have plenty of Frisbees and other fetch toys on hand so there’s no squabbling and everyone gets lots of turns. Keep large bowls of fresh water available for rehydration.

Step 4: Plan the menu
If you want to offer a doggy birthday cake, make sure it’s specifically made for dogs and comes from a reputable pet food bakery. Or, you may want to skip it considering how sensitive some dogs’ digestive systems can be. In that case, offer a little pouch of kibble or a simple treat or toy for each pup to take home. Treat your human guests to light hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

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Step 5: Know What to Skip
For many, our pets are our children and we want to treat them accordingly. But party goods like plastic favors and candles have no place at a dog’s party. The favors aren’t designed to withstand doggy chewing, and we’ve heard of pets singeing their whiskers (or swallowing lit candles altogether) when they get too close to decorated treats.

Step 6: Take Great Photos
Dog eyes can appear white, gray and even aqua in photos taken with a flash. Your computer’s red eye removal tool can’t help, since it’s only designed to remove red. To get great photos, turn your camera flash off and make sure there’s plenty of natural light in front of your pet. Then you can capture her beautiful face the way it looks in real life.

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Step 7: Give a Gift
Top off your pup’s big day with dog insurance from the best pet insurance company, if he doesn’t already have it. While it can’t really be wrapped, you could always print “pet insurance” on a slip of paper and wrap it up with a rawhide or another treat – we’re sure he’ll tear right into it.

Have fun, and be sure to share your pet’s birthday pictures on our Facebook wall!

Thanks to Rayna for sharing this picture of her dogs, Sookie and Roxy, celebrating their first birthday!

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