Planning Ahead for the Inevitable – How to Memorialize Your Pet

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memorialize your pet with their paw print.

Coleen Ellis, from the Two Hearts Pet Loss Center, is a Guest Blogger for Pets Best Insurance

There are endless ideas for permanent memorializing that pet parents are doing to honor their pets, giving them lasting physical pieces to remember their pet and the life that was shared together. Even more than honoring the life that was shared together, these ideas are also about honoring the unique personalities of our pets.

Mentioned in a previous blog was taking a clay or ink impression of your pet’s paw or nose.

Why the nose print of your pet? Because it’ll remind you of all of those kisses shared, the noses of animals are like human being’s thumbprints. The nose is the pet’s unique individual marking!

The paw or nose print will provide you an opportunity to do a variety of memorializing pieces. Some ideas are:

1. Creating a piece of jewelry featuring the pet’s nose and/or paw. From a beautiful charm to wear on a bracelet or necklace to a fabulous pair of cuff links for the man that loved the pet, these pieces are a great way to always keep the pet near.

2. Put the paw print on a rock that will be placed in that special place outside where the pet liked to lie. Include a special inscription that really sums up the pet’s life.

3. Create a photo collage, scanning the paw and/or nose print to add to the collage. This combined photo collage can then be made into a soft, cozy throw, reminiscent of all of those days that were spent cuddling in front of the TV or fireplace.

4. Place the paw print and/or nose print in a shadow box frame.  Including a snippet of the fur next to the prints as well as special photos will create a very special photo remembrance of those physical elements that will always be cherished about this pet.

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