How to include dogs in Halloween photo shoot

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Doggie costumes need to be documented with a photo shootAfter spending hours in costume stores and internet search engines finding a clever and comfortable Halloween outfit for dogs, pet owners may wish to snap a few photos before the costume they so fastidiously selected is shaken off or chewed up. Those wishing to memorialize the delights of their "devil dog" in full Halloween regalia may need a few tips to snap quality pictures, while ensuring acceptable pet care.

Professional animal photographer and recreational dog owner, Sam Allen, gave reporters several tips for taking great photos of costumed pets. Allen’s main piece of advice was to be patient. She explained, "It takes time to get the photo just how you want it."

Allen instructs pet owners to consider their dog’s feelings as they approach the photo shoot, suggesting a puppy may not be as excited to wear strange garb as the owner may be to see them in it. Allowing the dog to sniff the costume and become comfortable with one article of clothing at a time, Allen says, increases the chances of the dog’s approval. Food, toys and treats can also act as motivators.

The photographer further instructs that natural light, an uncluttered background, and camera angles at the dog’s eye level will ensure memorable pictures to keep on the refrigerator.

Some Halloween costume retailers sell dog costumes which range from Zorro to Elvis.

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