House training your pet

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A puppy with dog insurance sits on his owners lap.

Puppies are delightful. Watching their antics and enthusiasm for life is contagious. But that adorable fluff ball can grow into a problem child if not properly trained! After signing your pup up for dog insurance, house training is one of the next most important things your puppy will need. Start your puppy training program with a good potty training. It takes patience and perseverance, but training your pet is worth the ultimate goal: a house trained dog and a happy owner.

Getting Started
There are several effective methods of house or potty training your puppy.

• Paper or pad training – Newspapers used to be the only option, but now there are chemically-treated pads for your new puppy that attract them with scent. When you see signs that he needs to go, like sniffing the floor, etc., pick him up and carry him to the paper/pad and encourage him to go there. Gradually, move the pads closer to the door and then outside. Be sure and praise him every time he uses the pad.

• Crate training – The idea is that a puppy will not eliminate where he sleeps. So the size of the crate is critical. it should be roomy enough for him to comfortably stand and move around. A too-large crate may result in him using a corner to eliminate. Using the proper sized crate trains a puppy to hold it until you’re able to let him outside– but the time-frame should be reasonable.

A puppy should also be crated when he isn’t under observation. Before and after he is crated, be sure to take him outdoors. Don’t play with him on these trips outside – the objective is for him to eliminate only. Praise him when he goes. Then you can play a quick game of fetch.

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• Supervised continuously – If you’re able to be with the puppy at all times, you can watch for his pre-elimination behavior and whisk him outside to go. When he goes, praise him and take him back in right away.

Most training sources agree on the two main rules that are critical to the success of your puppy’s house training:

Never punish when you didn’t see him do it. When you punish a puppy that had a previous accident, he has no ability to make the correlation between eliminating in the wrong spot and your actions. When you catch him going where he shouldn’t, pick him up calmly and sternly say “no” and take him outside.

Praise him when he does it right – Animals love to be praised and receive positive attention. Using praise appropriately will help to counterbalance the “no’s” he’s hearing when he goes in the wrong place.

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