Honda: First man, then machine, then dog

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Dogs may soon be riding in styleTaking dogs for a walk can help promote exercise and camaraderie in both the pet owner and pet; but the new Dog Friendly 2010 Element may prompt drivers and canines, alike, to stash away the leash and take a spin through the neighborhood in the innovative Honda model.

Noting Honda’s mission to accommodate the active lifestyles of their customers, Honda’s vice president of product planning, Vicki Poponi, told the Los Angeles Times, "The New Dog Friendly Element takes that concept to a whole new level with specially designed features for dogs and thier owners."

The new vehicle includes a set of pet care amenities that will keep dogs comfortable and safe as they and their owners hit the open road. The accommodation package includes equipment like an extendable ramp for entry, a personal fan for the dog days of summer, and a spill-resistant water bowl, according to the source.

Aside from treating dogs in the car like kings on their thrones, the 2010 Honda Element improves the pet’s safety. By securing the dog in a soft nylon webbing in the vehicle’s cargo area, the Times says the pets are less likely to interfere with the driver or be injured in a frontal collision.

The Dog Friendly Element will be available to dog owners on November 16.

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