Heroic dog found in Afghanistan

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War-torn Afghanistan is no place for a lost dogMissing pets can cause adult owners to worry and bring an absolute heartache to kids. Aside from missing the companionship that pets offer, their owners may agonize over the misfortunes that may befall their beloved animal when the pet is not in their care. Now imagine your favorite dog gets lost in the war-torn recesses of Afghanistan!

A bomb-sniffing dog that went missing during a turbulent battle in Afghanistan was found and returned to its unit earlier this week after being gone for more than a year, the Associated Press reports.

Sabi, a black Labrador, accompanied a joint Australian-Afghan army patrol that was ambushed by Afghan rebels in the beleaguered Uruzgan province in September 2008.

Once the fighting quieted, Sabi was nowhere to be found, and months of searching proved futile.

But on Thursday, officials at the U.S. Department of Defense reported that an American soldier discovered the retriever at a patrol base in a different part of Uruzgan. The dog was promptly returned to the Australian base, where Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was paying a visit.

"Sabi is back home in one piece and is a genuinely nice pooch as well," Rudd told the news source.

According to the Missing Pet Network, about 10 million owned animals wind up in shelters each year.

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