Here Kitty, Kitty: 8 Tips to Find Your Lost Pet

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A cat with pet health insurance hides in the bushes.

Having been a veterinarian as well as the founder of the pet insurance industry in the US, I’ve lost (and found) many pets. And I know that losing a pet can be emotionally devastating. Here are a few quick tips that can help you locate your furry friend, should your dog or cat go missing:

1. Look around the vicinity
Your pet may have wandered off and become confused.  Be sure to leave a garage door or back yard gate open should they return while you’re out looking. Time is of the essence in finding your pet before they stray too far.

2. Expand your search
Look in areas that are easier for pets to travel through, such as green belts where a confused and lost pet may seek refuge.

3. Call for your pet while searching
Your voice may bring them out of hiding. Remember to call in calm, soothing voice; otherwise they may think they are in trouble.

4. Post signs
Be sure to include a photo, description of your pet and your contact information. Many pets are picked up by good Samaritans who may contact you if they see your sign.

5. Contact your local humane shelter
Visit them and leave a poster of your pet. Contact them often– call a few times each day, as they may become busy and won’t necessarily call if there is no identification, such as a microchip or tag on your pet.

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6. Place an ad in your local paper
You can also post pictures of your lost pet to social media forums. Consider a reward if you don’t find your lost dog or cat on the first day.

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7. Shake your pet’s food bowl
Nothing gets a pets’ attention like food! Shake your pets’ food bowl or crinkle their treat bag. The noise could send them running back into your arms!

8. Repeat your search
Look for hiding places you may have missed in your previous search. It’s also a good idea to be sure your posters are still up after a few days. If they’re not, hang new ones.

Hopefully you have microchipped your pet, but even if you have, it’s still important to have a collar and tag on your pet with your updated contact information.

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