Having a Dog Can Save Your Life

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Posted by Pets Best on 10/17/2008 in General Articles

Dogs provide us with companionship, love, loyalty, and friendship – but having a dog could also save your life. It is easy to underestimate your dog, but when danger strikes, it may be your dog that comes to the rescue and helps to keep you safe.

Dogs are incredibly instinctive, especially when working with those who are elderly or ill. Many dogs can, in fact, be trained to alert their owners when they are about to have a seizure, or even when their blood sugar is too low. They also play a vital role in the recovery of many of their owners. There have been many cases of miraculous recoveries when a patient is reunited and allowed to stay with their dog, with whom they have a close connection.

Nationwide, there are many dogs working in the field of pet therapy, where their love and compassion can help brighten the spirits and save the lives of those who are ill. The patients who receive pet therapy are often down and out, and have all but given up hope for survival. The pet therapy and love they receive from these dogs helps to enliven them, and give them a reason to live again.

Their instinctive nature also comes in handy when dogs are trying to warn their owners of impending danger. Many cases have been reported of dogs waking their owners up in the middle of the night to alert them of fires, robbers, or extreme weather.

Dogs have also been known to help find their owners when they are lost. Dogs have rescued adults and children who were drowning, helped locate survivors after a natural disaster, and have been known to run for help when their owners have become stranded, or hurt far from help.

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Dogs are some of the most loyal friends that many people will ever have. And they may just save your life.

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