Haunted hounds make debut on Animal Planet

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Haunted hounds make debut on Animal PlanetYes, dogs can hear sounds at a greater range of frequencies than humans; but do they also have access to a realm of apparitions unseen by humankind? On Sunday, November 22, Animal Planet will debut a television program which investigates true stories of pet owners who claim their animals are sensitive to paranormal activities.

The new series, called The Haunted, details the stories of real people who claim abnormal events, like terrifying fires or violent experiments, occurred in their houses hundreds of years ago. After witnessing ghastly activities contributors to the show claim that their dogs and cats are the first to respond to the apparent presence of specters and ghosts.

In one episode, a family performs an exorcism to eliminate the demons that have been afflicting them and their dog though a series of disturbing events. In another tale, a mother and father find bloody handprints appearing on their walls, months after a pattern of mysterious behavior from the family dog.

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