Halloween turns dogs into pumpkins

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Pumpkins will be the most popular costumes for dogs this HalloweenDevil dogs, frog princes and French maid poodles are typically content from a child’s imagination or a Walt Disney fairytale; the arrival of Halloween, however, means that pet owners will be scouring costume-shop shelves to find a clever and comfortable costume for their animals.

This week, Yahoo! Reported the occurrence of the search term "Pet Halloween costumes" increased by 3,725 percent from one week ago. As owners prepare for the holiday, local events around the country plan to decide upon the year’s best pet costume.

Recalling an iguana cheerleader that entered a competition last year at a Guardians for Animals event in New Jersey, Guardians spokesperson, Alex Whitney, told the Observer & Eccentric Hometown, "We voted her first place. We couldn’t not do it, when she stood up and waved those pom poms."

The event, which will be held again this year, benefits Guardians, a nonprofit organization aims at rescuing animals from dying in shelters and promoting pet care.

In other regions, pet photo and costume contests are sending proceeds to local animal shelters and the U.S. Humane Society.

An ABC News affiliate reports that the most popular costumes for dogs this year will be pumpkins and devils.

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