Give a Pet the Gift of Protection

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Posted by Pets Best on 1/27/2010 Articles from Newsletters

Looking for the perfect way to show loved ones how much you care? If their pets are unprotected from illness and injury, an annual Pets Best insurance plan could be the best gift you’ve ever given. You’ll pay the annual premium (with a 7% discount for paying annually) and they’ll enjoy the peace of mind, knowing they won’t have to worry about how to afford their pet’s health care.

To begin, click here for a free quote; you’ll need to know the pet’s birthday, their breed and their general health history, as well as the zip code of the loved one who you are buying the policy for. This should give you a good estimate of what the gift policy will cost. Call our Customer Service Team at 1-877-738-7237 (ext. 1) and they can answer your questions and send you a gift certificate you can present to the gift recipient. Your recipient will need to go online or call to set up their policy, and we’ll let you know what your total payment will be.

The gift policy will be registered under the recipient’s name and address, not yours. The gift recipient will receive any updates regarding their policy. Near the end of their policy year, they will have the option to renew their own policy so that they can continue with a lifetime of protection for their beloved pets.Like this article? Share it online!

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Protect your loved ones with Pet Insurance!