Frustrated by Felines?

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By: Arden Moore

The Book Expo of America is to authors and publishers what the Super Bowl is to quarterbacks and linebackers. It’s THE event of the year. The most recent book expo took center stage in New York City and I was invited by my publisher, Storey Books, to unveil my latest book, The Cat Behavior Answer Book.

When my publisher told me that I would be signing books at the autograph arena – rubbing elbows with the likes of far-more-famous folks like Dave Barry and John Grisham, I tried to be realistic in my expectations.

My hope was that at least a dozen or so attendees would come to my table in search of my autograph on this new cat book. After all, the topic is cats – not the latest Dave Barry humor-filled take on life in the 21st Century or a suspense-filled page turned penned by the likes of John Grisham.

I was wrong. Instead, the line s-t-r-e-t-c-h farther than I could see. In one hour, I had signed more than 300 copies – and ran out of books! This is clear evidence that people – especially fans of feline – are mystified and puzzled by cats and their behaviors. They want answers – and they want peace and harmony in their households.

Why does my cat make a cackle sound at birds? What can I do to stop my cat from sleeping on my pillow at night? How can I teach my cat to shake paws? These and more questions were fired my way by those in line to have my books signed.

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Face the feline facts – cats revel in being a bit mysterious and hard to pin down. But they can be as loyal as a Labrador and as fun as a Border Collie. If you’re blessed to share your life with a feline or two, count yourself fortunate. Invest in their health by booking regular veterinary visits, obtaining pet insurance, serving nutritious food and spending one-on-one time with them. The dividends you reap will be beyond your expectations.

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