For A Healthy Happy Life Every Pet Deserves Oxyfresh

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June Pets Best Newsletter – In this issue:
Top 5 Dog Travel Concerns
5 Reasons to Promote Pet Dental Health

For A Healthier, Happier Life … Every Pet Deserves Oxyfresh

Is your pet’s bad breath enough to knock you over?

Well, it could also be knocking years off his life!

An alarming 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over age three suffer from dental disease. Called the “Silent Killer of Pets,” dental disease can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream and infect the heart, liver, and kidneys — shortening your pet’s life by up to five years!

You’d do just about anything for your pet. That’s why you should pamper them with our extraordinary pet products that are guaranteed to keep him happier and healthier — and even living longer! Many of our pet products are formulated with our special proprietary ingredient Oxygene® to eliminate odors at their source.

Discover why our exclusive pet products are second to none for supporting the healthiest pets.

Dental Care. Face-to-face sweet breath! Only Oxyfresh has Oxygene® to safely eliminate bad breath and protect the pet you love from potentially life-threatening dental diseases.

Nutritionals. Keep your pet fit as a fiddle! Oxyfresh uses glucosamine, MSM, and chrondroitin, along with powerful antioxidants to offer life-enhancing nutritional support.

Hygiene. Cuddly clean! Your furry friend will be fresh smelling and conditioned with our all-natural cleaners and deodorizers.

For nearly 20 years, Oxyfresh pet products have been used and recommended by veterinarians, breeders, groomers, avian professionals, and pet lovers everywhere!

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Oxyfresh Pet Dental Care

Pet Oral Hygiene Solution

It’s the next best thing to brushing. Convenient Pet Oral Hygiene Solution softens plaque and tartar while promoting fresh breath and healthy gums. Just a capful of this tasteless and odorless solution in his drinking water daily does the trick. You’ll see results in just days.

Pet Gel

Superior protection. Versatile Pet Gel soothes, cleanses and deodorizes gums and can also be used on open wounds and abrasions.

Triple•Pet Toothbrush

Complete dental coverage. The uniquely designed Triple•Pet Toothbrush has a triple-head to provide optimum efficiency to reach all tooth surfaces.

“I have such positive results using Oxyfresh pet dental products on the pets I treat. My clients are amazed how effective these products are.”

Michael R. Kelly, DVM

Ventura, California

Oxyfresh Pet Nutritionals

Pet Jerky

They’ll go nuts over this treat! Pet Jerky is made with 100 percent real beef and packed with nutraceuticals to maximize joint function and mobility. And it tastes fantastic!

Pet Antioxidants

He’ll be calm and relaxed. Pet Antioxidants protect against the damaging effects of free-radicals, supports the immune system and helps slow the destructive aging process.

“Veterinarians are always looking for nutritional supplements with high quality, beneficial ingredients. Oxyfresh Pet Nutritionals deliver!”

Greg McWatt, DVM

Ontario, Canada

Oxyfresh Pet Hygiene

Pet Ear Cleaner

Soothing solution deodorizes. Pet Ear Cleaner gently loosens dirt and wax from the ear canal to help prevent ear infections.

Pet Shampoo

For a silky, soft coat. Cruelty-free, p-H balanced Pet Shampoo has a conditioning formula, is all natural and includes no harsh chemicals.

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Pet Deodorizer

No more P-U. Pet Deodorizer removes pet odors from cages, furniture, carpets, litter boxes and more. Our non-toxic formula neutralizes odors and is safe to use directly on your pet.

We love our pets. Are we doing all we can to support their health? No other company cares more about your pet’s health than Oxyfresh — your pet’s best friend for life.

25% Pets Best Discount on Oxyfresh Oral Hygiene Solution!

Please remember that products purchased from Oxyfresh are considered supplemental and are not covered by your Pets Best insurance policy, but may help to prevent future health conditions. Before beginning a new supplement, it is always a good idea to consult your veterinarian. For additional questions, contact your Oxyfresh consultant at 800-333-7374.

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