Food bank helps families keep their pets

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Food bank helps families keep their petsThe economic downturn has forced many families across America to decide what commodities in their lives are most valuable. Many households have cancelled their accounts with cable television providers or begun purchasing generic brands at the grocery store. Families more deeply impacted by the recession may even have to consider cutting costs by surrendering a beloved pet to an animal shelter – an action a food bank in Georgia is trying to prevent.

Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen in Lawrenceville, Georgia, is asking community members for monthly sponsorships of about $25, so they may keep their doors open, feed dogs and cats in the area and keep families together, the Examiner reports.

"Our mission is to help those who are in financial crisis continue to feed and care for their pets," the food bank’s founder Tom Wargo told the news source. "In addition to the heartache the family or individual endures by giving up part of their family, there is the additional cost on the community for every surrendered or abandoned pet."

The food bank also provides pet healthcare through a network of participating veterinarians.

According to the Human-Animal Bond Survey by The Hartz Mountain Corp, about 75 percent of pet owners consider their animals a member of the family.

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