Florida man chooses pet pig over house

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What's the price of owning a pig?Blinded by affection for their animals, owners may be able to overlook their pets’ faults when they occasionally dig into a flowerbed or stain a carpet. However, when town officials complain about the size, smell and danger of the pet, the protests may be difficult to neglect.

Rob Falk of Southwest Ranches, Florida was recently forced to choose between his 300-pound Yorkshire pig and his home, CBS affiliate Channel 4 reports.

Visitors to the rural town, known for its pastoral lifestyle, will see horses trotting on roads and chickens strolling across lawns.

Strawberry the pig, however, was too much for town officials to take. Last week Falk was asked to get rid of the pig or move out.

"They have big tusks that come out of the sides of their mouth. It’s not a pet," town councilman Freddy Fisikelli told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He added, "With that type of pig, the smell would be a problem and you’ve got the problem with danger," as well.

Falk, who considers Strawberry one of his children, told the news source that he and his family will keep their pet and move out of their rental home in Southwest Ranches.

Though considered a bizarre pet choice, pigs are known to be owned by celebrities including George Clooney, Jessica Simpson and Luke Perry.

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