Feb. 14th is Pet Theft Awareness Day

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A dog with pet insurance is safe from pet theft.

Since 1988, Pet Awareness Day is celebrated on February 14th. Last Chance for Animals began this campaign to educate the public on the issue of pet theft.

Their mission is to educate the public on how to protect their pets and prevent them from becoming one of the approximate 2 million animals stolen each year.

There are several methods to help keep your pets safe. You should keep your animals indoors, especially if you are not home. Also, avoid leaving your pets unattended in the yard, as this gives thieves an open opportunity to steal your pet. If your pet must stay outdoors unattended, ensure that you have a lock on your gate.

Spaying and neutering your pet can also make them less likely to roam. Altered pets are less desirable to thieves that want your pet for breeding purposes. Don’t let your pet roam the neighborhood, not only can they be stolen, pet injuries can occur. Make sure that your pet has an up-to-date tag and collar. Having your pet microchipped is useful if their collar is missing.

Keep pet insurance information and recent photos handy. If your pet is groomed in the summer, be sure to have photos of your pet when they are groomed. This will help to make accurate fliers if your pet is lost or stolen.

The best way to prevent pet theft is to not let them out of your sight. While this is not practical for most people, taking simple precautions can help lessen the risk.

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