FDA Blames Melamine, Not Rat Poison

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By: Dr. Jack Stephens

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that testing of Menu Foods pet food had revealed the presence of melamine, a chemical used in fertilizer, but has not been able to confirm the findings of aminopterin, the rodent poison that was reported last week to have been the likely culprit.

In a news conference earlier today, it was also reported that the tainted wheat gluten was sold to an undisclosed manufacturer who produces dry food, as well. The FDA could not say whether or not dry food had been contaminated, only that it was under investigation and that it would alert the public quickly if melamine was found in any foods other than the recalled pet food.

MSN is also reporting today that Menu Foods has received more than 300,000 calls from worried pet owners, and the most recent numbers from the Veterinarians Information Network, a website of 30,000 veterinarians and veterinary students, said members had reported nearly 500 cases of kidney failure since the recall was announced.

As a pet family dad of six dogs and two cats, I want pet owners to be armed with the best information and financial assistance to provide the best healthcare possible and prevent disease and illness when possible, and we will continue to post updates as we are made aware of them.

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