Entrepreneur turns pet droppings into gold

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A pet service brings new meaning to 'waste management'The national unemployment rate has exceeded 10 percent and families are cutting back on everything from vacations to gym memberships. Nonetheless, the pet care industry is proving that there are jobs to be had and money to be made for entrepreneurs with a bit of creativity.

According to this year’s National Pet Owners Survey, about 62 percent of U.S. households own at least one pet and contributed to the $45 billion spent this year on animal services and products.

With figures like these, it’s of little doubt why business like DoodyCalls are thriving in the marketplace. The company, which opened in Charlottesville, Virginia, and spread to 49 locations in 22 states, charges $15 to $20 each week to remove droppings from the yards of pet owners, Forbes.com reports.

In total, the business is expected to net $3.2 million this year, representing a 40 percent increase from total revenue in 2008.

The pet care business isn’t just for those with strong stomachs (or weak noses), as Mutt Huttz, a manufacturer of cages and dog beds that launched last year, made more than $40,000 in revenue through October 2009, according to the news source.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals asserts that the costs of caring for cats and dogs can range from $670 to $1,580 each year.

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