Drunk dogs don’t make for happy holidays

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Drunk dogs don't make for happy holidaysIn many families, the excitement and enchantment woven into the holiday season make the recipe for long-held memories. Small children remember unwrapping the gift they wrote about in letters to the North Pole for the past nine months. Adults recall time spent with old friends and family members. With the charm that can be packed into the holidays, it’d be a shame to remember this Christmas as the time the dog got drunk or the cat choked on tinsel.

Striving to preserve the grace of the season, the Pet Poison Helpline has given some advice on pet care to ensure that all members of the family, even the 4-legged ones, have happy holidays.

As owners chow down on a holiday ham, duck or turkey, their pets may be stalking the house looking for seasonal treats of their own.

Poinsettia plants, lilies, holly and mistletoes can all be toxic to animals and if ingested cause pet health issues such as gastrointestinal upset and heart arrhythmia, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The Pet Poison Helpline also warns that alcohol can cause seizures in pets, holiday ornaments contain chemicals which could trigger aspiration pneumonia and some imported snow globes hold antifreeze, which could be fatal if drank by dogs and cats.

According to an Associated Press-Petside.com poll, a total of 59 percent of pet owners will consider their animals before picking out holiday decorations this year.

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