Dogs may mimic their owners’ behaviors

Posted on January 27, 2010 under Pet Health & Safety

Owners use dogs for a companionIf you find that your dog may have picked up on some of your habits, you’re probably right. Some people feel that dogs pick up on their owner’s characteristics and feel that they should behave in a similar matter.

Owners are increasingly turning to their dogs for comfort and companionship, ultimately projecting their habits onto their own dog, according to New York Magazine. The author’s own dog practices veganism, a typically human trend.

"Dogs look at people," James Serpell, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, told the news provider. "You can boil it down to something as simple as gaze patterns. With a hand-bred wolf, there are issues getting their attention, whereas a dog is constantly monitoring the owner for clues on how to behave and what to do."

However, experts are quick to point out that some owners may take their pet care to the extreme, using their dog as a pacifier for the bad things going on in their lives.

It’s been proven that most owners tend to pick dogs that resemble themselves, however, some psychologists believe that humans also subconsciously notice similar personality traits in their animal, resulting in their choice, according to