Dogged pet owners sneak animals into hotels

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Traveling with pets isn't always the easiest taskA purse is no place for poodle, and a hermit crab is just about the only pet that would enjoy being stashed away in a suitcase. Nonetheless, 35 percent of pet owners admitted that they’ve bent the rules and snuck their pet into a hotel or motel, according to a recent survey commissioned by AAA and Best Western International.

While not every animal lover has the cunning or the courage to usher a meowing pocketbook past a concierge desk, more than 75 percent of pet-owning respondents to the travel and accommodation survey said that they would bring their pet with them on every vacation, if possible, Reuters reports. However, more than 50 percent said that they’ve had a difficult time finding pet-friendly accommodations.

In response to the survey results, AAA representatives have pointed pet owners to the AAA PetBook: Traveling with Your Pet. The reference guide provides advice on transporting pets, tips to maintain high levels of pet care on the road, and listings of pet friendly properties – including more than 1,900 Best Western properties worldwide.

"Not every pet is right for travel and not every trip is right for a pet, but when the right dog or cat and the right trip come together, you never forget it," Bill Wood, executive director of AAA Publishing told the news source.

Additionally, Pet Airways provides comfortable accommodations for dogs and cats traveling to Ft. Lauderdale, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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