Help! My Dog Sprung a Leak

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Dog insurance can help pay for incontinence treatment.When I adopted my dog more than two years ago, I immediately bought pet insurance for a number of reasons. Jayda liked to run out the front door and down the street. She liked to tangle with other dogs. She shared water bowls and toys with dozens of random pups at the park, and the list goes on.

It was nice knowing that if she got sick or there was an emergency, I could rush her to the nearest vet and not worry so much about the cost. I also figured it might come in handy if she developed arthritis or cancer later in life.

Fur Babies vs Real Babies
When my son came along last summer and I joined a few baby groups, I was reminded how glad I am to have pet insurance. I’ve already met half a dozen new parents who are struggling with sick pets. Some cats and dogs remain undiagnosed due to the potential costs of testing.

These parents are torn because their pets were so loyal for so many years before the human babies entered the picture, but now time and money are both harder to come by. It probably goes without saying, but my best advice for new parents is definitely: insure your pets!

You Peed Where?
A few weeks ago, Jayda jumped up on the bed after a long day and immediately peed on a blanket. It was almost like she couldn’t help it – out it came. I wrote it off as a bizarre incident and hoped it wouldn’t happen again.

Unfortunately, she started having leaky accidents about once a week after that. It was always the same situation – we were relaxing in the evening, she was awake but not licking or chewing, and when she got up, there was a puddle under her. I put a towel under her each night after the first incident, so I was able to pick it up and verify it was urine. All her other habits were unchanged. She ate the same, drank the same and still went potty outside as before.

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The Diagnosis
On a Saturday in December when I should have been Christmas shopping, I found myself in the vet’s office with Jayda and an infant in tow. Boy was it nice to know I had pet insurance in case my suspicions of a lifelong condition were confirmed.

Our veterinarian did blood work to check Jayda’s organ function and rule out kidney disease, kidney stones, crystals and urinary tract infection. Everything came back clear, meaning her diagnosis was plain old incontinence, at just 3 years old!

The Treatment
It turns out, incontinence affects about 20% of spayed female dogs. Onset is often between ages 2 – 5. Hormones play a role in controlling bladder muscles, and sometimes those hormones don’t work as well as they should. While not curable, it’s easily treatable with daily medication.

Considering Jayda’s size, I could easily have her for another 10 years. That’s a lot of pills. I’m so glad we have Pets Best Insurance to help offset the cost! Our story is a great example of why pet insurance is so important – it’s for the unexpected, and I never would have expected this.

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