Dog slobber could help cure cancer

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A cat is attended to by a veterinarian.
If you’re like any other red-blooded, dog-loving American, you get kisses from your pooch— now, experts are saying that endearing slobber just might have the answer to cancer treatment.

According to Fox News, researchers have discovered the DNA on Rover’s tongue could aid in treating cancer in both animals and humans.

Dr. Mark Neff, the director of the new Tgen-VARI Program for Canine Health and Performance told the news provider that by studying dog DNA, they believe they can learn more about treatment.

“Rare diseases in humans also show up in dogs,” Neff told Fox News. “By studying the DNA of canines, we expect to more quickly discover the genomic causes of diseases and more quickly find ways to better treat dogs and people.”

According to, the study will focus on sarcomas, or cancer that originates in bones, cartilage and fat.

Dr. Jeffery Trent,President and Research Director for TGen and VARI, told that researchers are working strategically to learn more about the dog genome.

“The Human Genome Project provided a new playbook for biomedical research and patient care,” Trent told the news source. “As we begin to catalog the dog genome, we have the opportunity to really understand a number of the problems that afflict the dog, but also a number of possible health solutions for people.”

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