Dog saves wheelchair-bound owner from house fire

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A Pit Bull saved its owner from a fireWhile many pet owners provide pet care to ensure their animals are happy and safe, many do not realize that their furry friends have their back as well.

Jake Vernon is wheelchair-bound due to an accident that happened a decade ago. While he lay in bed on St. Patrick’s Day, he noticed his Pit Bull, Gracie, would not stop barking, according to

He had previously taken medication to help with a broken leg he had suffered during a mishap, and Vernon was still pretty groggy when Gracie tried to wake him. Upon opening his eyes, Vernon discovered that his room was on fire and Gracie had been trying alert him.

As he scrambled into his wheelchair and tried to make it out the backdoor, Gracie stayed with him the entire time, trying to protect him from the fire. Upon getting out of the house safely, Vernon noticed everyone’s adoration for his beloved Gracie.

"I was seeing a big firefighter, 6-foot-6, and he got down on his hands and knees and hugged that dog with everything he had and he kept saying, ‘This this is the best animal in the world,’ " he told

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