Dog saves owner’s life after a stroke

Posted on December 30, 2009 under Industry News

In your time of need, your pet can be there for youWhile some animal owners feel it’s their responsibility to look after their pet’s health, they might not realize that their furry companion is capable of reciprocating. One woman says she owes her life to her dog after she suffered a medical emergency.

When Minnesota resident Priscilla Elit fainted after suffering a stroke, her dog Milkyway took notice and went to get help, according to

When Milkyway noticed something was wrong with Elit, who lives with her sister Julie Chipperfield, the dog went and scratched at Chipperfield’s door, hoping to get her attention.

Chipperfield opened the door and after noticing her sister, quickly dialed 911. The paramedics said that Milky Way saved Elit’s life by springing into action and getting help.

"It does give me a sense of security to think [Milkyway] is looking out for us," Chipperfield told the news provider. "She intuitively knew something was wrong."

Elit has since been discharged and is now back at home recovering with her sister and beloved dog, who she calls her "guardian angel."ADNFCR-2720-ID-19534768-ADNFCR