Dog Itches Ears Until Bloody, Has Goopy Eyes

Posted on February 6, 2013 under Pet Health & Safety

Dr. Marc is a veterinarian and guest blogger for the highly rated pet insurance company, Pets Best Insurance.

Hi. My name is Dr. Marc and I’m filming for Pets Best, answering some Facebook questions for you guys at the Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Boise, Idaho.

This question comes from Jessica. Jessica says that her dog gets eye boogers and has a bit of blood in his ears from itching. “My vet says he has allergies, and I clean his eyes and ears just like the vet told me to, but is there anything else I can do to help, like eye or ear drops? Thanks.”

Thanks, Jessica, that’s a great question, and there’s certainly a variety of ways to control itching and eye and ear problems. It sounds to me like if your dog has blood in his ears, then either that’s being caused by excessive itching, which could be an allergy or something like that, or a potential ear infection itself. There are a lot of ways to control these problems, including drops and topicals, and all sorts of oral medications available. If your dog is that bad, I would definitely go ahead and take him back to the veterinarian and see if you can find something that will give him some relief, to get that blood out of those ears. Unfortunately, there’s not a catch-all medication as far as something over the counter that I recommend using at this point at time. Again, seeing your veterinarian would be the best thing.

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