Dog Breed Guide: Australian Cattle Dog

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Dog Breed Guide: Australian Cattle Dog

About the Australian Cattle Dog

Height (to base of neck): female 17 – 19″, male 18 – 20″

Weight:  35 – 45 lb

Color: Blue, or red, mottle and speckled are accepted.

Origin: Native Australian Dingo crossed with the Highland Collie from Scotland

Coat: Weather resistant, hard, straight double coat, with dense and short undercoat.

Life Expectancy: 12 – 13 years

Energy level: High

Exercise needs: High

Breed Nicknames: Cattle Dog, Heeler, Blue Heeler, Queen’s Heeler

Is an Australian Cattle Dog the Right Dog Breed for You?

This breed was originally used for protecting and herding herds of cattle in harsh conditions.  Thus they are extremely hard working, devoted and resilient.  Their protective instincts can make them untrustworthy with small pets and with children and early socialization should be implemented. They are intelligent and like to have a ‘job.’  They are prone to boredom related vises such as chewing and digging and they have high exercise needs.  Moderate shedders with moderate grooming needs.

Common Illnesses, Medical Conditions and Accidents for the Australian Cattle Dog

According to the number of dog insurance claims Pets Best receives

Medical Issue  Average Claim Amount  Expensive Claim 
 Skin Allergies  $663  $5,712
 Gastroenteritis  $588  $2,277
 Lipoma  $287  $928
 Ear Infection  $131  $373
 Arthritis  $1,023  $3,114

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