Does pet health insurance pay for itself?

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A dog with pet health insurance goes for a stroll.

By: Leigh A. Peterson
For Pets Best Insurance

If living with pets wasn’t rewarding and full of love, there would be a lot less pet owners in the world. As wonderful as it is however, caring for pets comes with hardships, too. They are completely dependent on us for their health and well-being, and when they get sick or injured, it’s a terrible experience for pet owners; especially when it comes to veterinarian bills. Nothing is more heartbreaking than being told how much it will cost to save or help your pet and having no idea where you’ll be able to come up with the funds.

Jennifer Neal of Salt Lake City, Utah, who has pet health insurance for her two Labrador Retrievers Buddha and Stella, knows this all too well.

“It has allowed me to truly care for them both in ways I would have otherwise not been able to afford,” Jennifer said of pet health insurance.

Jennifer had to use her pet insurance for truly unexpected events, when Buddha stepped on glass at the dog park and Stella swallowed some items that she was unable to pass on her own. Luckily for Buddha and Stella, their mom was able to give them the best care possible when they needed it most, and unthinkable outcomes were averted because she had purchased pet health insurance for her pets.

Pet owner Amy Reiley also has pet care insurance, although she hasn’t needed to use it yet and hopes she never will.

“With my trainer’s advice, I got my dog insurance when he was a puppy so it was very affordable,” said Amy. “I really have it for peace of mind so that if my dog gets in an accident I don’t have to make a difficult snap decision as to whether to pay for an expensive procedure.”

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Is all this assistance and peace of mind affordable?

“They have far better coverage than I would ever be able to find for myself,” Jennifer said of pet insurance. “If I could find affordable insurance like that for me I’d also purchase it.”

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