DiCaprio Speaks on Responsibility for Animals

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DiCaprio recognizes the responsibility humans must take for wildlifeOscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) for Animal Action Week to promote the importance of guarding biodiversity in ecosystems and to value the bonds between people and animals.

During Animal Action Week, IFAW engages teachers and children around the world in topics which concern the responsibilities humans have for animals. This year’s theme, Under One Sky, seeks to explain how everyday activities can impact both the environment and the creatures that dwell within.

DiCaprio, and IFAW Honorary Board Member emphasized, "Animals, like people, need a home that provides food, water, shelter and space. It’s our responsibility to protect animals and our planet’s vital ecosystems if we want to leave a better world for future generations."

As part of the program, the organization asks families to sign a pledge to take care of the animals with which they interact.

IFAW has now been operating for more than 16 years and has educated children in 18 countries about the importance of respecting and actively protecting animal life.

The U.S. Humane Society estimates that 39 percent of households own at least one dog and 34 percent house at least one cat.

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