Debarking becoming less favorable

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Some pet owners complain of their dogs' barkingAs a way to field complaints about their noisy animals, some pet owners have been known to subject their dogs to a debarking procedure, where the veterinarian cuts the vocal chords of the pup so they are left with nothing but a raspy squeak.

The procedure is not favored by younger veterinarians and animals rights groups, according to The New York Times, however, some pet owners who live in apartment buildings where neighbors complain feel there is no other option.

The surgery is a fairly simple procedure, according to some animal specialists, and the dog will not be affected.

"They recover immediately and they don’t ever seem to notice any difference," veterinarian Dr Sharon Vanderlip told the news provider. "I think that in certain cases it can certainly save a dog from ending up being euthanized. If properly done, they behave totally the same afterwards and don’t seem to have any health problems."

However, many people are not convinced and having been steering away from the procedure, worrying about their pet’s dog health.

According to Absolute Astronomy, while there are no approximate statistics about the procedure, 35 percent of dog owners report having problems with their pets’ barking.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19596472-ADNFCR

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