Could your pet have something to do with your education level?

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Could your pet determine your education attainment?A new study is suggesting that the educational attainment of individuals may rely on what kind of pet they own.

Researchers from Bristol University are suggesting that of the 2,524 households that were surveyed, 47.2 percent of homes with cats had at least one university degree holder in the family, as opposed to 38.4 percent of dog owners, according to the BBC.

The study suggests that because people with higher degrees may hold careers with more responsibility, it may be considered impractical to get a dog, which typically requires a bit extra attention and pet care compared to a cat.

"Our best guess is that it’s to do with working hours and perhaps commuting to work, meaning people have a less suitable lifestyle for a dog, researcher Dr Jane Murray told the news provider. "It’s really just a hunch though."

The survey also found that gender had something to do with the kind of pet one owned. Dog owners were more likely to be males under 55 years old and who live in rural areas.

According to the Telegraph, the study found that the number of pet owners is 50 percent higher than previously thought, with 20.8 million individuals owning an animal.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19606733-ADNFCR

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