Correcting your puppy’s bad behavior

Posted on January 18, 2011 under Pet Health & Safety

A puppy with pet insurance cuddles in a red blanket.

After adopting a new born puppy you’ll likely begin the search for the best pet insurance you can find. After awhile, you are bound to have behavioral problems– which is when pet behavior training can be a useful tool in correcting these issues. Puppy behavior problems can turn into serious issues if they are not addressed immediately.

Common puppy behavior problems can be fixed with simple adjustments to your routine. Puppy barking can be one of the most disruptive problems. Puppies bark for various reasons, the main reason being attention.

If your puppy is barking for attention, it is important that you don’t reward this behavior. You want the behavior to stop so you need to give the puppy a correction. The correction can either be a verbal one or a physical one, but never hit the puppy. An example of a physical correction might be touching the dog to get him to hush. Once the puppy has stopped barking and is relaxed, you can give them affection. You are then praising him for not barking.

Another example of a puppy behavior problem is chewing. Puppies often chew of out boredom, so make sure that your puppy is adequately exercised daily to help curb this behavior. Daily exercise helps your puppy to be both mentally and physically stimulated. An excellent way to exercise your puppy is to take them on a walk.