Consider Fostering Pets

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For many years now my wife adopts dogs, socializes, trains and then finds just the right home for them.  I call it “Foster Doggies” for the dogs that come and go in our household. While you may think this is chaotic or bordering on hording, I assure you it is not – she simply has an overwhelming drive to save dogs.   


We have our permanent band of dogs that also endure the Foster Dog program With one exception (my tea cup Chihuahua Torrey) our other dogs don’t seem to mind.  My wife usually only brings in one at a time, works with the dog and learns their personality and their quirks.  Being a dog trainer, she also works with them on simple obedience training, gets them vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, teeth cleaned, etc. – all the things they need.  The dogs may stay with us a few weeks or a year until the right home is found.  She has an uncanny way of matching dogs with the right situation and everybody is happy. 


Her specialty is adopting dogs from older people who, through bad health, are forced to give up their dog or move to a nursing home that does not allow dogs.  This situation is so sad when they are forced to give up a beloved companion.  But, she turns it around time after time by adopting the dog, finding a home and even providing follow up information to the former owners on the outcome of their pet. 


Consider becoming a foster dog home and helping great companions find new homes.  To be a foster dog home you should consider the following:

  1. Have the time to devote to the dog.
  2. Have the space for play activity, training and not overcrowd your home.
  3. Have a network of friends to help you find homes; otherwise they become your permanent pet.
  4. Have the financial resources to take of the pet with veterinary care, grooming if necessary and at times for training.
  5. Be selective in finding the “right” home, not just a convenient place, so the home is lasting.

It is truly an uplifting experience to adopt a pet, get it ready for a new home and a wonderful feeling watching the new owner and pet bond. 

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