Comfy Confines for the Dog and Cat on the Go

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Have a dog or cat? Must travel! Adopt that motto and you will truly rank as your dog or cat’s best friend.

One way to guarantee a fun, safe trip for your pet in a car – and in an airplane – is to ensure that his pet carrier is the right size and offers the right canine amenities.

Run down this quick checklist:

-Comfy blanket to provide warmth and cushioning on his joints
-Travel water bowl or bottle
-Spare identification on your dog and in the carrier
-In addition, be sure to pack some healthy treats, a favorite toy, spare leash and collar, travel bowls, any necessary medications and spare poop bags.

Pet carriers deliver the safest way to transport your dog or cat. Just like you, pets need to be safely restrained inside your vehicle. Select carriers that can be secured in place using the vehicle’s seatbelts to keep your dog or cat inside from shifting on turns or sudden stops. Cute as it may look, dogs hanging their heads out car windows risk eye injuries from speeding debris in the air.

Also, resist the temptation to place the pet carrier in the front passenger seat. You can be distracted from driving by being tempted to pet your dog and take your eyes off the road. Also, the air bags can severely injure your dog in a collision. The safest spot for your dog is inside a pet carrier in the back seat or in the back end of your SUV. When you arrive at your destination – or at pet friendly rest stops – you can dole out attention to your furry travel mate.

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Fortunately, we at Pet Airways are happy to unleash some grrr-eat news regarding transporting your devoted dog or cat from Point A to Point B for air travel. When your pet checks in as a pawsenger on one of our flights, there will be a right-sized pet carrier awaiting him to be tucked inside before take off. So, the next time you’re ready to take a trip with your dog, select the airline that is true pet friendly, Pet Airways!

Arden Moore is a pet expert, best-selling author and radio show host who travels all over North America. Visit her website:

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