City pet owners should give their animals outdoor exercise

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Dogs should not be confined indoors all of the timeCity dwellers who own a pet need to make sure that their animals are still getting the exercise that they need.

Because city apartments are often limited in space, many animals are confined to their small habitats. This creates a need for them to get out and roam around, as it’s beneficial to their development, according to

Some pet owners who got their animals in the city and then moved to the country have found that their animals are still content on being indoors, near their owners.

However, pet owners who live in the city should be ready to spend extra time with their furry companion, ensuring they get the exercise they need to keep them in good pet health. Individuals who are interested in adopting a pet should also not let breed get in the way, as many people may believe that size has something to do with their comfort level in a small apartment.

"It’s [breed focus] distracting and leads to uninformed generalizations like ‘small breeds are good for apartments,’" author Tracey McTague told the news provider. She suggested that an animal successfully living in a small apartment depends on their personality.

According to, pet owners from the city should consider an apartment within close range of a dog park or walkway.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19604133-ADNFCR

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