Certain mushrooms could be detrimental to dog health

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It may be a good idea to watch what your dog eats while outsideEven for dogs in perfect health, eating death cap mushrooms could lead to an early demise, which is why owners should take extra precaution in looking for the dangerous fungus around their yard.

Death cap mushrooms, or amanita phalloides, could result in liver failure or even death for dogs, according to SNDailyJournal.com. Scott Delucchi of the Peninsula Humane Society told the news source that it might be a good idea for dog owners to pay close attention to their canine friends when they’re outside, especially when they’re off the leash, as they could ingest something that could be detrimental to dog health.

Phyllis McArthur told the news provider that her dog Maggie was healthy and happy until she ingested the deadly fungus.

"The symptoms are devastating," McArthur told the news provider. "There isn’t enough money in the world to save your pet once the symptoms are apparent. In two days we had already accrued $3,000 in vet bills. We would have continued to pay more if we thought we could save her. Sadly she never had a chance."

Petplace.com suggests that owners should look for symptoms such as vomiting, seizures and excessive salvation, as they could be signs of mushroom poisoning.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19524577-ADNFCR

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