Celebrate National Pet Day today!

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Two dogs with dog insurance prepares enjoy the sunshine outside.

By: Dr. Fiona Caldwell
Idaho Veterinary Hospital
For Pets Best Insurance

Most animal lovers and pet insurance enthusiasts know that April 10th is National Pet Day!

It’s estimated that two thirds of American households own at least one pet. More than 160 million pets are thought to exist nationwide.

National Pet Day is meant to encourage us to celebrate the many small joys pets bring to our daily lives and to also shed light on the ongoing problems of pet overpopulation and shelter crowding.

It is estimated that about 16,000 animals die in U.S shelters DAILY. Why not pause this April 10th to honor the unconditional love and companionship your pets offer to you every day? And maybe consider helping those in need, by donating, volunteering or adopting at your local shelter.

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Pets bring us joy in more ways than one! The benefits of pet companionship are well documented and established. There is compelling evidence that the emotional connections between us and our furry friends actually translate to positive health benefits as well. People are noted to handle stress better when a pet is around. They tend to be healthier and lead more active lifestyles. Pets can be especially beneficial to the elderly and the very young. Children can learn to develop empathy and a sense of responsibility from having pats, and elderly people can benefit from the companionship.

The beauty of animals is they ask for so little in return, and there are so many ways we can brighten their day and let them know we care. Try looking into a pet safe, healthy recipe for dog biscuits that you can make as a special treat, or organize a play-date with your dog-owning friends at the local dog park. Maybe an extra cuddle session or a few extra minutes with the Frisbee would be all your pet needs to let them know you love them. Pause on April 10th and ensure your pet is up to date on vaccinations and has had a wellness check-up. Consider a trip to the groomer’s for a special wash and cut so your pet is stylin’ for National Pet Day. And if you don’t already have cat or dog insurance for your pet, consider purchasing it!

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Even if you don’t have a pet at home, you can help make National Pet Day a success by helping raise awareness about shelter overcrowding and encourage people to consider adopting a homeless animal from the humane society.

Pets come in many shapes, sizes, and types, from small with scales, to big with drool. One thing is universal, whatever form your pet takes, they are dependent on you for their care and can offer you so much pleasure and delight in return.

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