Cats: More Popular But Less Insured?

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Did you know that cats are the most popular pets in the nation? It’s true. The estimated number of pet dogs in the US is only around 75 million, while the number of pet cats is closer to 90 million!

Clearly, Americans love their cats. So it’s hard to explain the reason why, when it comes to pet health insurance, we have adopted an attitude that says our canine companions need more care than our feline friends. For one example, the pet health insurance policies that US pet owners purchase for their dogs vastly outnumber those for cats.

There are several reasons for this, like the fact that owners of indoor cats think their pets are not at risk for disease or injury. Also, cats tend to hide their illness symptoms more than dogs do, and are generally more independent. These traits can lead owners to think they don’t need the level of care that a dog does.

Whether you are planning adoption of a new cat or already own several, there are plenty of reasons to consider pet insurance for your cats:

  • Cats are at risk for serious diseases such as hyperthyroidism, kidney and heart failure, diabetes and cancer
  • Cats typically live longer than dogs, so old-age health issues are common
  • In general, health insurance for cats costs less than for dogs
  • If you already have other pets insured through Pets Best, the Multiple Pet Discount could save you even more
  • Pet owners with pet health insurance are more likely to take their pets to the vet for routine care, meaning better prevention and early detection of health issues
  • If your cat contracts cancer or some other serious disease down the road, a current insurance policy could mean the difference between holding on to a beloved friend or saying goodbye forever
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By insuring and caring for our cats the way we do our dogs, we can give them longer, better quality lives. It’s a great way to tell them you love them!

Protect your loved ones with Pet Insurance!