Veterinary Conferences

March 3, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 3/3/2006 Veterinarians and veterinary technicians like all professionals continue their education (CE) after they graduate to keep up with all the many changes, discoveries and to learn about new technology. Gaining…

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Feel Like Talking or Not?

February 24, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 2/24/2006 Feel like talking or not? If not, tell people you sell insurance! Several years back, while traveling extensively to promote pet health insurance, I noticed something interesting. Everyone that travels…

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Being a Veterinarian

February 8, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 2/8/2006 I can think of nothing more rewarding, stimulating and at times as frustrating as being a veterinarian. As a youngster I knew early that I wanted to be a veterinarian.…

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Pet Vet – Talks

February 1, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 2/1/2006 As you can see from the photo of my wife and me with our dogs, we are indeed pet lovers, especially our dogs! We also have photos with our cats…

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