Cat journeys over 1,400 miles after stowing away on a ferry

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Ferry workers were stunned to find the furry stowawayOne cat recently experienced a trip most people can only dream of, a trip from Hampshire, England, to Spain.

The orange cat, named Sandi, went missing after it was let outside to roam around by its owners. Sandi ended up on a ferry and was discovered when crewmembers spotted him wandering the car deck.

When they took the feline to the vet to ensure it was in good cat health, a microchip revealed that Sandi was registered in the United Kingdom. Taking special care of the cat on the journey home, crew members set Sandi up in his own cabin with a sea view and fed him a special menu of salmon, chicken and milk, according to the news source.

Sandi’s owner Tim Austin explained he and his wife were starting to give up hope when the cat didn’t return the next morning.

"When we didn’t hear anything for a few days we thought he may have been caught by a fox or runover," Austin told the Mail. "We were heartbroken and started to give up hope."

Sandi’s story shows the importance of having a microchip installed in your pet. If the animal is found, veterinarians can scan their barcodes to see who the owners are.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19529426-ADNFCR

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