Cat Breed Guide: Javanese

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A Javanese cat with pet insurance from Pets Best.By Dr. Fiona, a veterinarian and writer for Pets Best, a dog insurance and cat insurance agency.

About the Javanese

Weight:  Males 8-12 lb, Females < 8 lbs.

Points of conformation: Slender, long, medium sized, fine boned body but more muscular than their Siamese cousins.  Long triangle shaped head with wide set ears meant to accentuate this.

Coat: Soft, silky coat lacks an undercoat.  Medium length.

Color: Red, Cream, Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Blue-cream, Lilac Cream. Tabby is accepted.

Grooming needs: Moderately sheds with moderate grooming needs.

Origin: United States.

Behavior Traits: Vocal and athletic.

Is a Javanese cat right for You?

The Javanese gets its vocal nature from its Oriental origins.  They are very strong jumpers and will effortlessly get on top of furniture and high places.  They posses a loving nature, and despite being lively, they are content to sit on their owner’s lap and be petted.

Common Illnesses, Medical Conditions and Accidents for the Javanese 

According to the number of cat insurance claims Pets Best receives

Medical Issue  Average Claim Amount 
 Anal Sacculitis  $115
 Lipoma  $539

Protect Your Javanese with Pet Insurance

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