Car sickness drug lets pets hit the road

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Car sickness drug lets pets hit the roadMany pets enjoy exploring beneath the Christmas tree, receiving a new gift-wrapped squeak toy or getting a little extra attention from visiting relatives. However, one aspect of the holidays that some animals may not relish is the the necessity to endure long car rides for family visits and vacations.

According to a recent survey commissioned by AAA and Best Western International, more than 75 percent of pet owners said they would bring their pet with them on every vacation if possible. Unfortunately, car sickness, especially common in puppies, can result from extended travel.

The prominent pharmaceutical company Pfizer is taking steps to support families who are concerned with pet health but are unwilling to leave their pups behind when they hit the road, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

In 2007, the FDA approved Pfizer’s drug cerenia to prevent vomiting caused by motion sickness. More recently, the company launched a Twitter feed named Dog on Board to offer tips on traveling with a young dog.

For pet owners seeking drug-free remedies to car sickness, the news provider offered several pieces of advice. Specifically, trial runs, fresh air, a good view and an empty stomach will help animals get used to the ride.

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