Can You Really Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

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Posted by Pets Best on 2/15/2007 in Training Tips Articles

We’ve all seen them—dogs who seemed out of control with problem behaviors, dogs who seemed beyond hope. Fortunately, the truth of the matter is that no matter the age of the pet, obedience training and breaking bad habits is always an option.

When considering classes, many owners turn to local pet stores and online resources to determine what type of training will be best for them. A variety of options exist, from books and videos to individual personal trainers and group obedience classes. The key, according to dog expert John Ross, is consistency and dedication.

“Haphazard training produces unreliable results,” Ross says. “The old cliché, ‘What you put into it is what you get out,’ is particularly true with dogs.”

Author of Dog Talk, Puppy Preschool and Adopting a Dog, John Ross is a newspaper columnist, former radio-show host, and long-time dog trainer, working with literally thousands of dogs and their owners to help owners better understand how to communicate with and train their canine friends.

Dogs from six months to sixteen years can always benefit from obedience training and refresher courses, says Ross.

Puppy training expert Linda White agrees. In her videos on dog training, Linda breaks down bad behavior and tackles each subject head on. Whether it’s biting, chewing, jumping or general obedience, Linda walks owners through the process of turning their troublesome pup into a well behaved guy or gal.

“The number of dogs surrendered to shelters and euthanized is mind-boggling,” says Smart. “Even more saddening is how many of these dogs could have been saved if people had affordable training tools to deal with these behaviors.”

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From that desire to help and educate, Happy Puppy Kindergarten was born. Puppy Smarts: Lessons for a Lifetime videos are available from veterinarians and also on her website at

Whether it’s weekly dog obedience classes or the convenience of at-home books and videos, resources are available to help with problem behaviors and integrate even challenging pups into our homes and hearts. As the adage says, there truly are no bad dogs!

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