3 Summertime Dog Bug Bite Remedies

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3 Summertime Dog Bug Bite Remedies

Veterinarian Dr. Fiona discusses dog health for the highly rated dog insurance provider, Pets Best.

Playing outside during the beautiful summer weather is great, however it exposes your dog to pesky bug bites and stings. Here are three common warm weather pests that may bite or sting your dog, and how to fight back.

1. Ticks

Ticks can be gross, but it is important that they be removed from your dog to help prevent the spread of disease.  If the tick is attached, use a pair of tweezers to grasp the tick’s body as close to the head and the dog’s skin as possible.  Gently twist and pull the tick off.  It is important to not jerk or pull too quickly, as this can cause the tick’s body to separate, potentially leaving the head behind.  Clean the area and apply triple antibiotic ointment.

2. Insect Bites

Using a canine safe bug spray to help prevent insect bites is best, but if your pet does get bitten by an insect there are some things you can do at home. If your dog will let you ice the area, you can use a cold compress to help ease swelling and inflammation.  Hydrocortisone ointment can be helpful to ease the itching (just don’t let your dog lick if off!).

3. Bee Stings

Bee stings can be treated with over the counter antihistamines. Call your veterinarian to find out which over the counter antihistamine you should use and how much. If the Bee stings causes facial swelling, your dog needs to be treated by a veterinarian.

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