Breed Guide: Maltese

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A MalteseDr. Fiona is a veterinarian and writer for Pets Best, a dog insurance and cat insurance agency.

About the Maltese

Height (to base of neck): 10″

Weight:  4-6lb

Color: White.

Origin:Isle of Malta.

Coat: Single flat hair coat with long straight silky hairs.

Life Expectancy: 14-15 years

Energy level: Moderate

Exercise needs: Low

Is a Maltese the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Maltese is a gentle, playful bred that is intelligent and affectionate.  They are vigorous alarm barkers and can be prone to snapping at strangers.  They love children and are great family dogs, especially with early socialization.  They can occasionally be difficult to housetrain and should be indoor only pets.  They are a low shedding and hypoallergenic, but luxurious coat requires daily grooming to maintain.

5 Common Illnesses, Medical Conditions and Accidents for the Maltese

According to the number of dog insurance claims Pets Best receives

Medical Issue  Average Claim Amount  Most Expensive Claim 
Ear Infection $162 $1,059
Gastritis $488 $1,761
Skin Allergies $498 $4,730
Patellar Luxation $489 $2,802
Periodontal Disease $352 $1,626


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