Pet insurance tip: Vaccines for puppies and kittens

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A new born kitten with pet insurance drinks milk from a bottle.

Booster vaccines play an important role in keeping your new puppy or kitten in the best pet health possible.

The vaccines that your pet receives when they are young help ensure they are protected from potentially deadly illnesses. Having your new pet covered by pet insurance plans can help you keep your new pet healthy by allowing you to get them the vaccinations that they need.

Puppies and kittens, like many other mammals, receive antibodies through their mother’s milk via colostrum. This is the milk that is produced during the first 36-48 hours after birth. The antibodies help to protect the new born puppies and kittens from illnesses and disease. After the second day, the puppies and kittens can no longer absorb the antibodies. This is why it is so important for newborn kittens and puppies to nurse the first two days of life.

The mother has a concentration of antibodies that is directly related to the antibodies that she will pass on to her young. The higher the level of antibodies, the longer their effect will last in the new born kittens and puppies.

It is important to get all of the booster vaccines for your puppy or kitten to ensure that they are protected against these illnesses.

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