Black Friday means sale on black shelter pets

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Black Friday a big day for black dogsIn folklore dating back to the Middle Ages, black cats have been thought to bring bad luck and conjure images of witches and demons. In the legends of the British Isles black dogs have been likened to ghastly apparitions – evidence that evil may be lurking.

Perhaps that’s why owners of pet shelters find it so hard to find homes for their darker animals, a phenomenon described within the industry as "black dog syndrome."

On Black Friday, the managers of the Animal Rescue League in Bedford, Maine, are encouraging the adoption of black pets by offering a 50 percent discount on the animals, the Concord Monitor reports.

Danielle Hasting, the shelter’s vice president of adoptions and customer service told the news source, "We’re hoping to drive more traffic into the shelter and get more animals adopted out."

She added, "Black animals in general tend to linger longer in shelters. We thought this was a fun way to do it."

The Black Friday sale will apply to black adult cats, dogs and rabbits. With the discount, cats can be adopted for $90, dogs for $125 and rabbits for $25.

According to the Humane Society, a total of 10 percent of owned dogs in the U.S. were adopted from an animal shelter.

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