Top 14 Best Dog Names

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A dog with pet health insurance pants with his tongue out.

Pets Best Insurance has already brought you some laughs by listing the funniest cat names, but what about the top dog names? As a practicing veterinarian, I’ve compiled a list of the top 14 most comical dog names I’ve ever heard!

1) Doogie Schnauzer M.D.
This little Schnauzer was actually very intelligent; he was just missing opposable thumbs to write his prescriptions.

2) Mr. Pickles Pepper
I can’t explain why, but every time I hear the name Mr. Pickles, it just makes me laugh. Especially when it is a little Chihuahua with the last name ‘Pepper’.

3) Farticus
Unfortunately, this dog was named after the owners got to know him first.

4) The Fonz
The owner of this dog actually looked like Fonzie! The dog looked a lot like his drooling counterpart. This 120-pound Newfoundland certainly had the hair to match the look.

5) W. C. Fields
The dogs name was W.C, the owners last name was Fields. I think this is probably my favorite, and most comedic-sounding name for a Pug I have ever heard.

6) Jimi Hendricks
Again, if you’ve got the last name for it, why not make it match? It’s even better when you see this standard size poodle with hair just like the legendary singer!

7) Pimple
This little guy wasn’t anywhere as aggravating as his name implied.

8) Goliath
On its own, maybe not so funny, but there is always humor when you give a Teacup Poodle this name (I also know a tiny Yorkie named Thor).

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9) FiFi Foo Han Wrinklebutt
The owners claim they got the name from the internet… I’m having a hard time believing that one.

10) Debbie Does Pheasant
Not what you might think– this dog is a hunting Labrador, so I guess it really does describe her well.

11) Taco Bell
I bet you can guess what kind of dog this is right? This gives me a funny visual of the owner calling their dog from outside- I wonder what the neighbors think.

12) Jimmy Dean
This is another great play for the right last name (‘Dean’). It was a perfect fit for this portly little Daschund.

13) Getoverhere
Undoubtedly a strange name. His owner claimed the name was actually a time-saver.

14) Ham, Porky, Cheerio, Spam, Carrot-Head, Tart, and Pork Chop
It’s always funny when clients name their dogs after food. I give the final category to any dog named after something delicious (or not). The above, are some of the best, lip-smacking names I’ve heard to date.

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