Bark Busters and Pets Best Insurance

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A dog with pet health insurance works with a dog trainer.

By: Liam Crowe
Bark Busters CEO
Guest Blogger
For Pets Best Insurance

G’day! As a partner of Pets Best Insurance, I’m honored to represent Bark Busters USA, the world’s largest dog training company, as a dog behavior/training writer on their blog. Our companies have long shared a common mission: improving the lives of companion animals and their owners. Bark Busters Dog Behavioral Therapists across the nation help owners develop a lasting bond with their dogs based on respect and trust; pet health insurance through Pets Best is a good way to protect those relationships and make sure your beloved furry friends have the quality and quantity of life they deserve.

As a regular blogger, I’ll be providing training tips and advice on a wide range of topics, but in my first post, I’d like to introduce myself and share a little bit about Bark Busters’ dog training philosophy, methods and experience.

Our story begins with Sylvia Wilson, who, as the head of an RSPCA shelter in Australia, observed and analyzed the behavior and communication methods of dogs for 10 years. She was devastated at the number of dogs she saw being mistreated, abandoned and even euthanized for behavioral problems— problems that she knew could be resolved through consistent leadership on the part of owners.

In 1989, Sylvia and her husband, Danny, developed the Bark Busters training method— a system of natural training techniques that teaches owners how to train their dogs through consistent leadership, using a method of communication their dogs already know, based on voice tones and body language.

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Fast forward to 1993, when my wife, Natalie, and I, as newlyweds, adopted “Buddy,” a Cattle Dog/Border Collie puppy. Cute as he was, his running away and barking at everything that moved had us at our wits’ end. We tried numerous training methods with no success—until a veterinarian recommended Bark Busters.

We were so impressed with the effectiveness of the training methods, the enthusiasm shown by the dog trainer, and the trainer’s obvious love of dogs (which we shared) that we decided to leave our current jobs to join the Bark Busters pack. After 12 months of intensive training, we took Bark Busters to New Zealand, where we set up seven offices. Ready for our next challenge in 2000, we relocated to Denver, Colorado, to co-found Bark Busters USA.

Now in 40 states, approximately 225 of Bark Busters’ Dog Behavioral Therapists in the U.S. are proud to use Bark Busters’ natural, dog-friendly training methods to help owners resolve behavioral issues and strengthen their emotional human-canine bonds. In training over 500,000 dogs worldwide, we’ve seen time and time again how much pets are a valued part of families today and consider it an honor to teach owners how to address their dogs’ mental, social and behavioral needs. And on this blog and beyond, we at Bark Busters look forward to a continued partnership with the caring pet insurance people at Pet’s Best Insurance, who complement our mission by helping owners care for their dogs’ physical well-being and health needs and protect these special relationships.

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